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In this site contain Offense ZSF attacking method, Defense ZSF attacking method and ZSF reward calculation I given the detailed explanation and example also provided for ZSF attacking method. This site help you to increase your army and save many troops with proper way of attacking ZSF.


Employed by a dark operations association referred to just as "The Syndicate", your occupation as a Commander in the war-torn condition of Zandia is to build up your Base and Army into one sufficiently capable to hold impact over enormous universal military organizations and make your customer rich. Remote forces, multinational organizations and shadowy criminal associations are all scrambling to build up their case in the biggest mineral find of the century. Your Base will be your wellspring of riches and Resources, the heart of your Army and the center point of your perpetually developing space. As a Commander, you should add to your Base, protect it from restricting powers and apply your quality over your opponents on the off chance that you wish to end up as the winner. Discretionary predominance, exchanging, shaping collusions with different Commanders, or taking what you need by power - how you finish your main goal is totally up to you!


Organizing with the general population in force will pay off in a greater number of courses than you anticipate that when it comes will leading your military operations. Yes, even here, your prosperity will rely on upon your capacity to shape trusting connections. Arranging contracts with the real private military companies in the district will pick up you access to new structures, advancements and units. Every day, you're Contracting Officers will draft up one new Referral. You are approved to exchange them with alternate Commanders at the Logistics Exchange if you so want. Renegotiate Contracts to expand the measurements of their individual Units and structures.


With a specific end goal to be fruitful, you should figure out how to proficiently deal with the three principle Resources - Fuel, Munitions and Rations. To build your rate of Resource generation, you should develop Oil Derricks, Munitions Factories and Landing Zones. These will give your Base and Army with all that they have to survive. Your Fuel and Munitions stockpiles will be put away in Storage Depots in your Base, and you're Landing Zones will permit you to be consistently supplied with airdrops of Rations. The majority of your Units require a specific number of Rations every hour in support costs. Assemble and Upgrade your Landing Zones and the Air Traffic Control building to expand the tonnage of Rations that you can get every hour. Be prompted, the aggregate sum of Rations that can be put away in your Base is constrained by the limit of your Field Kitchens, so keep in mind to Upgrade them to build your Ration stockpiling limit. A keen Commander won't depend exclusively all alone Resource generation, yet will lead different military operations against opponents to get Resources. You are additionally approved to pick up Resources through different means, for example, Trading with your Friends, Allies – and at times – your adversar