Soldiers ZSF Calculator - Offense ZSF

Offense ZSF Attacking Method

Offensive ZhengShiForces work differently to defensive ZhengShiForces, you can’t simply send in 1 unit and see what is defending; you have to send in a small force and then try and calculate it depending on what you kill.

  • In offense ZhengShiForces(ZSF) ZHG duty is Defend the Detention Center, Radio Tower, Convoy, etc
  • Choose one of the offense ZSF from Radar.
  • Send 15 Rifleman to the offense ZSF.
  • Get the Report and fill the below column.

ZHG Defense units

ZS-10 Jackal Tiger Commandos Roughneck ZS-03 Dingo 
ZHG defense
Combat Aviation
Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry

Best unit for attacking Offense ZSF is  unit.

Offense ZSF Approximate Power Calculation:-

Enter your offense ZSF level and get ZHG defense power in offense ZSF.

LevelZHG Defense power


Offense 1