Soldiers ZSF - Raid Trick

Single Caravan Trick

Just before your raid hits, you need to send Convoys to the base your raiding filled with Ration, the more Ration you send the more you break the limit by. As soon as your raid hits click on cancel Ration transfer. You have approximately 50 seconds to cancel a Ration transfer, so you want to send the Ration about 25-30 seconds before your raid hits and cancel it as soon as it hits. If you try and send Ration 5 seconds before the raid hits the trick won’t work. So if I send 24k Ration before I raid for 50k I can get a raid of 74k.

Double Convoy Trick

This works the same as the first trick, except you need to do 1 additional task, as soon as you send your raid, send as much Ration as you can to the base your raiding and let it deliver; your Convoys will be back before your raid hits so you can do the Convoy trick.
Now you will be able to get 50k max raid, plus the Ration amount you sent, plus the Ration amount you do the Convoy trick with, so if you send 24k Ration and then trick for 24k you can get a total raid of 98k (50 + 24 + 24)
But you must remember, that your not going to get a 98k raid if the base only has 57k resources available for raiding, your only going to waste Ration by sending it. Only do a double Convoy trick on bases with enough available resources to take. In the example we did earlier we could raid for 16,900, if I sent Ration to it I would still only get 16,900 from my raid and I would have wasted all my Ration. The reason we send Ration is so we can get more fuel and munition back.